My IgniteTalk @ EdSurge Summit Recap

Woo! After a two week blog hiatus, I am back with some fresh content! Last week-end was the #EdSurge Technology Summit at AISD's Performing Arts Center. Yours truly had the opportunity to create an ''Ignite'' talk. It's a very specific (and rigid) presentation format which is composed of 20 slides, all moving at a 15-seconds pace and you have no control over those slides during said presentation. I have to admit, it was quite the challenge for a ''natural'' public speaker like me. I rarely rehearse my talks and generally have more than 5 minutes total to get my point across while keeping my audience engaged. You know me, I can never say no to a good challenge.

Technology in the World Language Classroom: A Beginner's Guide.  
I centered my talk around 5 recommendations for the use of iPad Air 2 carts in the World Language classroom. World-Languages always being under-represented at the district-wide events, I took matter into my own hands. However, this ''mini-framework'' can be applied to any content-area teacher looking to get started with tech. The full talk will be recreated and made interactive using OfficeMix (Spoiler Alert: the review of this tool is coming on Episode 2 of the MIE Series)