Pumpkin Carving Without a Mess!

Good day everyone, 

Sorry for the long hiatus, I thought I would resist the virus that has been going around for about a month but it caught up to me in the end! Since I haven't been on the top on my tech game lately because of said virus, I took the opportunity to observe an awesome lesson from my colleague Shaun Sikes. Pumpkin carving using equations! How fun! 

While I always thought math was spooky, I would have loved to be a student during this lesson. Students had to plan out the 'face' of their Jack-O-lantern with the different equations and test them out to see if they would get the result they were expecting! The students seem to feel very engaged in the task and promptly told me that they often use desmos.com for other math-related activities. 

Stay safe while trick-or-treating tonight and see you next time!