New Year, New Look: 3 Resolutions for the New School Year

Greetings students, colleagues and lurkers of all paths of life! I hope you are enjoying your summer which, in Texas, doesn’t seem like it will ever end. What can I say? Where I’m from the government tells you that anything around of above 86F is a health hazard. Additionally, ‘tis the time of the year where kids, parents and teachers alike are crowding all the office supplies store, renewing their arsenal for the coming school year. Everybody is on the hunt for glittery binders, funky pencil cases, graph/college/mixed-ruled notebooks and novelty items. Yours truly is guilty of getting herself a unicorn tape dispenser (i know, i know…but the tape itself is rainbow-patterned, how could i resist.).

SY2016-2017 will be a busy one for everyone involved and AISD has been upfront about their focus, urban education 2.0. The new initiatives are off to a strong start with the campus innovation coaches (CICs) and Cohort 1 getting ready to brainstorm, test, adapt and recycle technology tools in the classroom to enhance learning. Are all those names and acronyms not ringing a bell? That’s okay, this is what this blog is for. I will explain all of this in my next post.
All of this to say that #back2school2016 is our chance as professionals to get a second go at yearly resolutions (remember those?) And here are mine at the moment:  

  •  Beautification of my website/blog (done). You remember those glittery notebooks I was talking about? Making sure you start on a clean slate ensures that you stick better to your goals for the year. 
  •  Work on integrating Microsoft OneNote as an interactive electronic notebook to improve vocabulary acquisition in french 2 class by exploring different ways of ‘glossing’ text. 
  •  Continue to research PD opportunities, so that I can better cater to the needs of my teacher team. 

As you can see, I already have a lot on my plate and I have many more ideas. But, as past experiences have shown it is better to focus on one change at the time to ensure a greater rate of success. Following that logic, I challenge everyone at my school to try to integrate technology in one new way in their classroom. It can be using as simple as using a new app for a lesson, sharing your classroom material online for your students to access or using social media to keep your them engaged. Be creative! Only you know your students and how they would benefit from this kind of initiative.

Bring it on 2016-2017!

Andreanne Cloutier