Crowdfunding: Fundraising in the Digital Era

As we kick-off week 2 in the classroom, we are unpacking and taking inventory of our brand-new technology. We recently acquired a fleet of Ipad Air 2 for our classrooms, which our  teachers are very excited about. Oh, the new possibilities! All thanks to a district-wide initiative to help school purchase new iPads and Chromebooks in an effort to increase the ratio of devices per students.

However, we were not able to get cases for the new iPads. What do resourceful teachers do in time of need? They organize fundraisers! Mr. Sikes from the Math Department (Cohort 1) created a project on, a crowdfunding website, to be able to cover the cost of 30 iPad Air 2 cases for his cart. 

Crowdfunding is an interesting way to go 'mainstream' with your fundraisers. Basically, by putting your project on a public donation platform, you increase your chances of reaching more potential donors. While the process of submitting a project is a little grueling, donors can rest assured that their money is going towards a legitimate cause. All projects are reviewed by a DonorsChoose volunteer to confirm cost and then send the equipment straight to the school.  

This is such a good idea, I may start one to fund my iPad cart too (stay tuned for that)!
Meanwhile, check out Mr. Sikes' project