Food for Thought: Social Media

Came across this interesting article a few days ago: Why children need social media lessons?

Social media is quickly emerging as our students' preferred modes of communication. Sometimes preferred to face-to-face interaction with their peers! Should we fear it or embrace it? That is ultimately a very personal choice. I am of the opinion that appropriate online behaviors should be modeled, especially by educators. After having used Twitter and Instagram as communication tools in my classroom, I came to certain conclusions: 

1) Students are more keen to ask for help/course questions through their media of choice than school email. (RIP my Instagram inbox).
2) Students feel like they can take more risks with language play online, in a more informal and meaningful environment. I have many replies to my posts in French now! 
3) Since I have 'teacher/professional' social media accounts, my students feel like I am more relatable and approachable (probably because of all the food and kitten pictures).

If you would like to see how I model the use of Twitter (for professional development/teacher thoughts) and Instagram (way to communicate with my students), I invite you to follow these accounts: 
Twitter: @andreanne_s
Instagram: @francofunclass

ee you around!

Andreanne Cloutier