Highlights: Collaborating Through Twitter


Hello readers! Long time no see! I have been meaning to share with you about my first Twitter #edchat experience with fellow teachers and administration at Hays CISD for quite some time now.

Here is a little context for you: I have been recently invited by a former AISD Assistant Principal to e-attend an #edchat with teachers from her district about Social Emotional Learning. It was with my sweatpants on and no more Netflix series in my queue that I told myself: '' Why not!'' and hopped on the Twittosphère. 

The format of the talk was a simple 4 questions tagged with the letter Q and the number. To respond, simply start the tweet with R, the appropriate number and our group hashtag. Simple enough! It was a motivating discussion with like-minded educators trying to make the most out of our student's social and emotional well-being with only a few weeks of school ahead of us. Additionally, I was able to share out my ideas for growth mindset rubrics in foreign language classrooms and get initial feedback from my peers.

As of now, opportunities for collaboration outside the district need to be sought. However, with a little bit of creativity and the help of social media, we can facilitate those interactions and be a resounding echo across a larger scale. 

Here are the details, if you are interested in hearing the responses! Hays CISD will also be hosting another #edchat on April 13th about Culturally Responsive Teaching. I don't know about you, but I'm sure I will find something to pick my brain!