The MIE Series: OfficeMix

Hello everyone! This summer I attended a training with Microsoft in which we were introduced to a bunch of tools to enhance teaching. One of them was OfficeMix, an add-on to PowerPoint that allows you to add sound, video and other types of glossing in a ''walkthrough'' fashion. 

I have to say, I was less than convinced about OfficeMix after the demo. I thought to myself: ''just another tool that takes too much time for too little rewards.'' Well, after testing the waters for a little while, I found an efficient use for in given my context. Here are my findings: 

It is fantastic for stacked classes. See, this year I have a double level class: 26 students for French II and one student for French III. While it is hard to find time to deliver content to two levels without more prep or class time, OfficeMix allows me to record my explanations and gloss over my French III lessons. My student listens to the content on the iPad while I explain the lower-level content and this way I maximize my teaching time. However, this take a LOT of time to plan, organize and roll-out. Really, it only needs to be done one time but it might take me a few years to gloss my lessons with OfficeMix.

If you want to check it out for yourselves, I believe it is worth a try if you teach stacked levels, try to flip your classroom OR plan to be on a leave of absence (maternity leave, sick leave) for an extended period of time. This might make the job easier for a long-term sub or to reinforce TEKS for struggling students. 

See you next time!