#teachertested: Live Camera

Dear readers, 

Let me share with you a recent tech victory. Every year, the foreign language department organizes a cultural celebration for students who have shown persistent effort in a specific grading period. We had toyed around the idea of having a live camera, football bleacher-style. Last year, we made it happen with Skype and a fair amount of technical difficulties. 

Oh, I guess I haven't mentioned this, but this year I was also one of the planner for the event and the emcee. I was going to be REALLY busy. This year however, I called for Emily (my Technology Design Coach) to come assist with the process. It was probably one of my best decision that day. Let me walk you through the process:

1) Originally, I was planning on using Skype. I created another account to call my main account. Total fail when it came time to start the camera as my phone and my computer were logged in on the same account and didn't seem to recognize either of the calls. I was about to give up, the kids were getting antsy. But...

2) Enters Emily saving the day and starting a Google Hangout call! Suddenly, I see her walking around with my selfie stick and I hear kids screaming. They were seeing themselves on the giant screen! Victory! 

Once this was set-up, we started a game of telephone with foreign language words. Having the live camera made a difference because the kids were feeling like rock stars competing for the win! I highly suggest doing it in assemblies where students need to participate. It definitely gave an edge to our event!

Oh and if you read this: THANK YOU EMILY! YOU LIFESAVER YOU!