French 1


French I introduces the basic language skills of viewing, showing, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. French I stresses oral communication while learning basic grammar structures to reduce the risk of miscommunication. Elementary creative writing projects reinforce language skills and students will be expected to take an active role in all oral and written activities.

At the end of French I, students are expected to be at a Novice Low to Novice Mid sublevel according to the ACTFL proficiency guidelines. 

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Novice Low
Novice Low Speakers at the Novice Low sublevel have no real functional ability and, because of their pronunciation, may be unintelligible. Given adequate time and familiar cues, they may be able to exchange greetings, give their identity, and name a number of familiar objects from their immediate environment. They are unable to perform functions or handle topics pertaining to the Intermediate level, and cannot therefore participate in a true conversational exchange.

Novice Mid
Speakers at the Novice Mid sublevel communicate minimally by using a number of isolated words and memorized phrases limited by the particular context in which the language has been learned. When responding to direct questions, they may say only two or three words at a time or give an occasional stock answer. They pause frequently as they search for simple vocabulary or attempt to recycle their own and their interlocutor’s words. Novice Mid speakers may be understood with difficulty even by sympathetic interlocutors accustomed to dealing with non-natives. When called on to handle topics and perform functions associated with the Intermediate level, they frequently resort to repetition, words from their native language, or silence.

(ACTFL proficiency level guidelines 2012)